Varalakshmi Pooja 2018 & 21 Weeks Bump Update - Baby #2

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Well, this years Varalakshmi Pooja was exciting to perform as we are in India with my family, I am pregnant again and mom to a 10 month old. Compared to last pregnancy my bump started showing up a lot early and I feel a lot more tired. I didn't have to prepare much as mom did almost everything and I had to take care of Kiara most of the time. Myself and mom started decorating for pooja a day before as we had Kiara running around and we mostly got done with things while she was taking her naps. The worst part was I was missing Jeet a lot this year.

What Fruit is the baby in Size? As long as a carrot and about 12 ounces! Although I feel I am carrying a watermelon inside!

Due Date :  January 2nd, 2019. Our first baby (Kiara) was 3 days later on my birthday.

How Far Long?  21 weeks today.

Gender : Will be finding out next month once I finally reach US.

Total Weight Gain/Loss : Up 7lbs. I think I was about on target for my other pregnancy as well. 

Stretch Marks : Not yet! I have few from my first one as I am a true believer that these are genetic and I am hoping they are just few or none with this second one!

On My Mind Currently : For my first pregnancy I had a lot of contractions and the moment doctor asked me to push the baby was out by 20 minutes.. I couldn't bear the pain so I wanted to get done with it as soon as possible before the doctor asks me to take a break. So this time it's gonna be without epidural too as I am pretty sure I can handle it myself again. I need to start prenatal yoga once I am back.

Swelling : Not yet!

Sleep : No sleep as I forgot how it feels like.

Food : Anything that's not healthy.

Symptoms : Not much except the pressure from my varicose veins!

Movement : Yes! All the time now a days.

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  1. You look so beautiful congratulations on your pregnancy. Motherhood is such a special time and being able to conceive is an amazing blessing.

  2. Congrats on the soon to be new addition. You look great!

  3. Wow! Great baby bump... congratulations on your pregnancy.. smooth delivery and enjoy your motherhood journey!

  4. You look radiant. Pregnancy suits you. I hope you enjoy having another one in your life.

  5. I love how you compared the size of your baby with a carrot. :) I hope you will get better sleep in the following days, it must be exhausting not to be able to rest properly.

  6. What a glow! You are looking stunning and I have to say your bump is perfect in your outfits. Love these photos :)

  7. This is such an exciting time! You look absolutely stunning and your skin definitely has that mama glow.


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