20 Weeks Bump Update - Baby # 2

12:22:00 PM

Wearing Dress from  Ann Taylor, Choker from Forever 21 and the Flats from Aldo

What Fruit is your baby in size?  BANANA! About 6.5 inches! Almost getting to a pound!

Due Date :  January 2nd, 2019. Our first baby (Kiara) was 3 days later on my birthday.

How Far Long?  20 weeks today.

Gender : Will be finding out next month once I finally reach US.

Total Weight Gain/Loss : Up 6lbs. I think I was about on target for my other pregnancy as well. 

Stretch Marks : Not yet! I have few from my first one as I am a true believer that these are genetic and I am hoping they are just few or none with this second one!

Maternity Clothes : I caved this week and wore some of my maternity pants. The only problem is, they are still big because I typically don't wear them until I am further long. I should really invest in a smaller size in one of them, so I will have the ability to wear them for next couple of months or so!

Belly Button Hmm, pretty much out! 

Sleep : Eh, I am already up for my restroom trips like 6 times at night. Terrible insomnia.

Food Cravings : Pancakes and watermelon.

Symptoms : Not much except the pressure from my varicose veins!

Movement : Yes! All the time now.

You can Read my previous pregnancy updates here :


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  1. You are getting there! Pancakes and watermelon are interesting cravings. With my boy I craved meat and potatoes and my girl cravings were anything sweet!

  2. You are looking very pretty. I’m excited to know the gender of your baby. I wish you all luck and also to your baby :)

  3. You look so lovely! This dress is pretty on you. You're lucky you don't have stretch marks. I got so many when I was pregnant.

  4. I was pregnant last year at this time and craved watermelon as well! It must be the heat lol!

  5. I was pregnant in the summer and I craved fruit. I have 5 kids and not one stretch mark.

  6. I can imagine you are very excited for next month, when you will finally found out the gender of your baby. Pancakes sound like a very yummy food to crave :)

  7. Looks like you're very excited for the coming of your baby. I wish you safe delivery. :)

  8. It's exciting to finally see the baby bump. I was always waiting for the fetal movements when I was at this stage. Pretty exciting!

  9. Congratulations! You look like you are glowing. I hope it all goes well for you and your little family :)

  10. BABE. Congrats. You look gorgeous. you have the baby glow going on, and it is so awesome that you are starting to feel kicks!

  11. You look lovely in all your pictures, good luck with the second one and congrats


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