The Perfect Floral Dress ( In Collaboration With Blooming Jelly)

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April is here and it's the beginning of spring. I just love spring and all the warmer vibes that comes with it. So, I just want to share my thoughts on transition into spring.

 I just started buying some new outfits that are easy to transition into the new season. Dresses are my favorite transition outfit, as you can easily layer a cardigan or a denim jacket over it. Its just easy to pair a good boots or sandals to your dress.

I am in love with my dress from Blooming Jelly, which is just perfect for this time of the year! This off-the-shoulder style keeps it warm, while the sleeves make it perfect when the weather gets cooler in the evenings.

Spring colors like light pinks, yellows and other white shades are the way to go. This bohemian dress with some beautiful prints on my outfit are definitely spring approved. It has an asymmetric hi low hemline and a ruffle swing which is perfect for casual, date, party or any outdoor occasion.  Not that you have to wear all light colors, but colors with lighter shade are perfect to start rotating into your everyday outfits.

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I am wearing an Off Shoulder Dress Floral Strapless Button Down Ruffle Asymmetrical Summer Long Maxi Dress from Blooming Jelly

Blooming Jelly is a fast-growing Women's online clothing retailer, designed with elegance and simplicity. They have some lovely collection of casual and holiday personalized clothing for free and fashionable women.

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So, are you guys still in the winter mode or started thinking about spring wardrobe? 

Do check out Blooming Jelly Online Store on Amazon for more lovely outfits and swimsuits for spring and summer

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  1. Oh my goodness what a pretty dress! I love the style of it and the pattern, perfect for the warmer weaather.

  2. That dress is super cute, pretty for spring. I love the asymmetrical hemline.

  3. I love the way it sits on your shoulders. I love that it's more white than anything as well. CUTE!

  4. This would be perfect fro Easter. It is such a spring like dress


  5. I find it simple and very versatile to make it more casual, but also more elegant. Talk about spring and want the sun!

  6. Floral dresses never seem to go out of style because they are refreshingly feminine and seem to be all the rage once the blooms in nature spring forth

  7. That dress looks so nice on you. And it's great for spring.

  8. The dress looks really beautiful and perfect for spring. I love floral dress.

  9. The dress looks beautiful and certainly is great for spring time.

  10. You look beautiful !

    Florals are my favorite,most of my collection is filled with floral print.


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