Blaq Eye Mask Review

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Hey everyone, how's everything going on with you all. I've not been sleeping well lately and my under eyes aren't looking as bright as they usually are. Eye patches are my new thing, they work the best for dark circles and brightening my under eyes. They're really great because, you can wear them while you are working, watching TV, cooking and also wear it while you travel.

I was going through my skincare stash and found this Hydrogel Eye Mask from BLAQ, which I got in my FabFitFun beauty subscription box, so I thought I would try it out and give my eyes a little pamper.

These activated charcoal eye patches are Amazing when you feel your eyes are really puffy and need a bit of detox.

Here's what the BLAQ website says about the Hydrogel Eye Mask:

'Late night, too many cheeky wines and let's not forget those carb-on-carb delights, can have our peepers looking, well, not so fresh. Leave the evidence of last night behind, and pop on our activated charcoal eye mask to de-puff, detox and get back to your shiny, gorgeous self.' - BLAQ

These activated charcoal masks come in packs of 5. Each sachet contains 2 under eye masks in magic serum. 

But do they really do anything or is this just another one of those beauty things we do for the gram, not our faces?

 How To Use

  1. Cleanse your skin and eye area.
  2. Gently apply the mask about 1cm below each eye.
  3. Leave the mask to work its magic for about 10-15 min, before carefully peeling off the skin.
Blaq says using the eye mask twice a week will help reduce the appearance of dark circles and under eye bags. But they can also be used as a one-off before an event or when you just want to feel good about yourself.

The ingredient activated charcoal works to draw out toxins and impurities. And the Hyaluronic acid acts like a watering agent to moisturize and hydrate the skin under your eyes. It's a 100% cruelty free eye mask.

I love that they stick really well to your face and my under eye area feels so much better after I have used these eye mask. The results were glowy and dewy. I felt refreshed and less self-conscious about my dark circles.

I would definitely use it again, because it really does work. Deep down, we all know that sleep is the number one treatment for tired eyes and dark circles. There is no quick fix. But these eye masks would help when sleep is just not an option.

Have you guys tried any under eye masks before? If yes, the how did you find them?

Where To Buy

You can buy a box of 5 masks for $29 on the BLAQ website here.
You can also get 10% off your order by subscribing to the BLAQ newsletter.

Disclosure : I received this product in a beauty subscription box which I bought with my money.

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  1. This is something new product. I haven't really come across such mask. Nice to know another option to reduce dark circles.

  2. i'll def have to check this out as i never get enough sleep! charcoal is great!

  3. I didn't use this product before but I think I have to give it a try. Thanks for sharing.

  4. This is going to be an asset to the eyes soon.I think everyone needs something like this badly.


  5. I've tried these types of patches, suffering from dark circles, and they really do miracles in very little time!

  6. Girl! That eye mask is goals! It must feel very refreshing for the eyes...but it's unfortunate that many don't take much care for their eyes. We gotta get such eye masks ladies!

  7. Eye masks are amazing! I haven't tried this brand, but I have tried a similar eye mask and I loved it. It makes me feel fresh and my eyes look rested. Thanks for sharing!


  8. Wow Blaq eyemask so relaxing and great. I need to find a good eye mask to look well rested again and this looks wonderful.

  9. Don't really use eyemask honestly but I reading this it sounds like a good eye mask I need to try. Thanks for sharing with this review.

  10. I've seen these eye masks but I haven't tried it yet. It's time I buy one and give it a try.

  11. I didn't know much about this eye mask. Looks like cool product I would like to check it out.

  12. What a great review! I had no idea about this. I love masks! Thanks for sharing. :)


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