3 Ways To Use A Turkish Towel ( In Collaboration With BAZAAR ANATOLIA )

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Where do I start from? I received this Turkish Towel from Bazaar Anatolia which was in blue with stripes and perfectly tied fringes dangling on each side. It was just filled with handmade goodness. I was just wondering and also intrigued, if this towel could possibly be absorbent. (I got to know how good these Turkish Towels are by using them in 3 ways) Scroll down for fun facts at the end.

Turkish Towels are rage these days. It's no surprise that they do more than what a regular towel does. They are very versatile, durable and also light weight.

Turkish towels are basically produced in a manually operated looms in Turkey. They are invented in the 17th century in Busa, Turkey. These towels are also called Turkish peshtemal bath towels, foots, pestemals and hammams. The peshtemal, woven by the craftsmen in hand looms, have been used in Anatolia for thousands of years. One of the most important features of the peshtemal is, it weighs between 300-400 grams.

Bazaar Anatolia offers high quality 100% cotton Turkish Towels with different colors and sizes. Their towels are hand loomed in traditional ways with 100% cotton yarns.

You can check their collection or buy the Turkish Towels here ↴

Bazaar Anatolia Turkish Towels

3 Ways To Use A Turkish Towel :

1. Hair Towel :

Turkish towel dries hair quickly and also safely without damaging it. The best part is, it is light weight and won't feel too heavy on your neck. These towels have long Turkish cotton fibers which softens and becomes delightfully absorbent. The absorbency actually lies in the unique quality of their Turkish cotton, so they are thin and air dries super quick.

2. Scarf :

I used their towel as a scarf in this cooler weather. The Bazaar Anatolia Turkish Towel is the perfect choice for this, as it's slightly plush and makes a perfect fluffy scarf! I am definitely gonna travel with it to the airport and then use it as a blanket on the plane. I bet you can't actually tell it's actually a towel!  Double duty!

3. Picnic Blanket :

So, it was warmer last week in Jersey, so we spent our day outside and bought along the Bazaar Anatolia Turkish towel as a spot to sit and read, then have few snacks. These towels are oversized for a comfortable space to spread out  and also have adequate space for some snacks or books. 

So there are many more ways to use these towels and I will keep sharing them on my 
Instagram (@kittyslifeblog).

I bet you are seriously thinking to get one of these Turkish towels ( or you are planning to get more of them ).

Fun Facts :

  • The flat weave fabric of the towel makes more versatile as they are thin.
  • They dry faster and never get stinky.
  • They are compact and doesn't take much space in your linen closet or luggage while you travel.
I found many uses for these towels in all the areas of my day to day life. This towel is all you need as you don't have to store different towels for bath and beach. They are just perfect for a minimalist lifestyle.

You can check their collection or buy the Turkish Towels here ↴

Bazaar Anatolia Turkish Towels

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