Jiyan's 1st & 2nd Month Update

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Hello everyone, I have been meaning to write a parenthood update for a while, but having two kids around almost 24X7 makes things slow down a bit. Time flies and I really mean it. Jiyan is already 2 months old. I couldn't post his first month update as I was going through a busy start of new life with two kids. One who always wants you to play with the other one where you have to be with all the time.

JIYAN'S 1st Month Update:

Jiyan's first month was the longest month of my life. As I said bringing home a new baby where there is an active toddler is a hectic 24X7 run. I wanted to post more frequently on my blog but I never knew how the first month passed so quick.

Jiyan used to smile a lot and blinked with his light brown eyes. He just wanted to be held all the time. His first few weeks were just crying, nursing and sleeping. The moment we feel the he is asleep and try to put him in the crib he gets cranky and starts crying. He didn't like to be put in the mamaroo. He never did any quite time until almost 3 weeks.

Weight : He was 7 lbs, 15oz when he was born and dropped slightly to 6 lbs, 12 oz. Then he was back up once my milk started up on day 4. He was 9 lbs, 8oz that's on his first month doctors appointment. 

Diaper Size : Newborn until 4 weeks. We just started the size 1 from 5th week.

Clothing Size : NB or 0-3 months (depends on the brand).

Nicknames : Jiyan Bear, Jiu.

Health : He's a bit snorty and it's normal according to the pediatrician. He smells lovely like a yummy baby. He is always hiccuping, very gurgly, cranky and cries.

Sleep : He doesn't give hard time  when it comes to sleeping. Night times are Super good as he wakes up once in 2 hours for nursing. The only time he acts up was from  5am to 6am then later he is all relaxed.

Diet : I fed him almost 9-10 times a day and nurses around 30 min to 1 hr.

Baby Gear : Aden & Anais Swaddle blankets, 4 moms Mamaroo, Dock A Tot.

Loves : Milk, being held on all the time & Dock A Tot sleep time.

Dislikes : Being put down.

Milestones : He started recognizing my voice and turns in my direction when he hears me. He started staying more awake. He smiles at us and responds to us when we play with him. He gets his head up to see me while I put him on my chest or shoulder. Tries to push himself up while I carry him. And makes noises and responds to me while I play with him.

 JIYAN'S 2nd Month Update:

Jiyan turned 2 months on 17th Feb. He just SMILES all the time and that's really PRECIOUS. He bonded with me since day 1 and responds to me with cute noises. You guys should see my Instagram stories to believe it. Jiyan started to co sleep with me and this made me get to know him a little more.

This little one has been growing super fast. His newborn onesies barely fits him and 0-3 months are just perfect fit. He has been crying less and not being that fuzzy these days. He sleeps at night for longer stretches and I try to get some good sleep either. He is doing well with his morning sleep schedules. I am trying to get him used to 4Moms Mamaroo. He tries to be in there for max 20 minutes. 

Jiyan had his 2nd month check up last week, but he will be getting his vaccines this weekend. 

Weight :  He weighs around 11 lbs 5 oz

Diaper Size : We have been using size 1 diapers since his 5th week.

Clothing Size : Mostly 0-3 months size.

Health : He is active and spits up sometimes during the day. He had some super dry skin, so we have been using Mustela and it's getting better these days.

Sleep :  He is doing great with his day and night schedules. He sleeps for long stretches and wakes up only when he needs to nurse.

Diet : He nurses an hour for every 2-3 hours.

Loves : Making silly faces, tummy time, when we make him sit or let him stand straight up, talking.

Dislikes : He doesn't like to be put down immediately after nursing.

Milestones : He turned on his front by himself twice this week. He started recognizing my voice and turns in my direction when he hears me. He snapchats with me and smiles when I take videos of him. He pushes himself up on our chest trying to get his little head up. 

Things We Want To Remember : The way he smiles the moment he wakes up looking at me. The way he responds when I speak to him. When he smiles in between his nursing. I just love to capture his smiles on our phones. Our struggle when we have our photoshoots. Stares at us when
he does tummy time on our chest.

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  1. it is amazing how kids grew up so fast! I can't believe how his look change too! exciting times are here!

  2. so cute! i can only imagine how difficult it must be having a baby and a toddler. it sounds crazy! i don't have kids myself, but i know its a ton of work.

  3. What a cutie! I do miss the baby days as my kids are older but I do have a 6mth old grandbaby.

  4. These are such precious photos. I am glad things are going well. I bet it is crazy having a baby and toddler. I waited 5 years between my kids because I wouldn't have the patience.

  5. Oh my goodness what an absolutely cutie! These pictures are going to be wonderful to look at over the coming months and years!

  6. OMG the photos of jiyaan are so cute. Such a cute baby he is. My baby is now one year old but your post refreshed those cute memories.

  7. Congratulations on having such cute baby. The whole family pics have comes great. Enjoy your beginning mommy days

  8. This is such a great phase to be in and also the easiest. I hope you are taking care of yourself too amidst all the chaos of being a new mom. :)

  9. He grows up so fast. I think it will be really nice to look over this kind of articles/photos years from now. And also it will be kinda nice for him as well.

  10. Thanks for sharing your update and by looking at the pictures, I can see the kids grow up so fast. They are so cute and adorable and I am sure you enjoy the parenthood so much.

  11. Oh my gosh! He's so adorable and you're so pretty! It looks like you didn't just give birth. When I gave birth to my firstborn, I still looked like crap on my 2nd month haha

  12. Oh, they grow so fast! He is adorable and I cannot imagine keeping up with 2 little ones!

  13. OMG!!! Adorable!!! They grow way too fast. I remember when my little guy was a little guy. Now he hates it when I call him baby and he's 8. Enjoy every moment with them!

  14. What an adorable little thing!! They grow so much in just one month.

  15. Kids grow very fast. Good to know that he is recognizing your voice and looks in your direction. He is so cute.

  16. They change so much in the first month. I'm in the same boat, my little one just turned 4 weeks old. I'm looking forward to getting a bit of a routine as time goes on.

  17. You have a beautiful family. I know that it is hard work with a baby and a toddler. Babies don't stay babies long. They grow up so fast. Enjoy him while you can because he is so precious.

  18. What a beautiful baby! I love the pictures and I'm happy he's doing well. I bet that one month FLEW by!

  19. Such an adorable baby. I am not a mum yet but I know it's definitely not easy to have small kids to look after. Enjoy your time with your kids.

  20. What a beautiful little boy! And I just love his name.

  21. Really a lovely post and Jiyaan is looking so cute. Thanks for sharing these cute moments.


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