Kiara Bear : 15 Months Update

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I am a little late in posting this, but Kiara turned !5 months old on Jan 13th. Ever since then, she has been in full steam ahead in toddler-hood. Everyday she has been learning more, moving faster and getting bigger! This might be our favorite stage of hers, but yet hectic as mom to be around her when the younger one is just a month old.

But trust me Kiara is in that stage where we are truly loving every second of it! Past one month has been jam packed with changes and fun new things with the new baby at our place! I have not been gushing enough about her these days on Instagram as I am into full mommy duty with 2 kids around me all the time.

So, let's get started with her update. 

Size : 

  • Kiara has been measures 20 lbs 12 oz at her last appointment . She has been wearing a few 12 month size dresses and a few 18-24 month things depending on what they are. She had been wearing 12 months and 18 months jeans all the time. The 12 months is a bit snug but 18 months are still a bit long and and baggy. 
  • Diaper Size : She was wearing size 3 until last week and we just started with the size 4 this week. 
  • Shoe Size : It depends upon which brand they are from.

Likes : 

  • She loves watching rhymes and being sung to
  • Reading books and being read to
  • Her little people toys and her teddy
  • Stacking thing and setting them upright
  • Clapping after she does something
  • Blowing kisses
  • Jumping
  • Copying our noises
  • Throwing her toys and other stuff in her room, then pointing at them when we go in there.
  • Talking herself to sleep
  • Snuggling with her blanket and her teddy
  • Sitting in my lap
  • Playing with day once he is back home from work
  • Her gaint teddy bear
  • Finding things when we asker where they are
  • Looking out the window for the birds
  • Holding our hands
  • Being outside
  • Running around
  • Sitting on the pile of clothes
  • Pouring and flicking all of her potato chips out of her snack catcher
  • Showing us her eyes, nose, head and toes
  • Blinking her eyes when west beautiful eyes
  • Patting her legs when she listens to rhymes
  • Putting things in the container and emptying them
  • Standing on her tippy toes to reach things on the counter table
  • Hiding behind the curtains and playing peek-a-boo
  • Dancing with mommy and daddy
  • Yelling Daddie

Dislikes :

  • Only getting one nap a day
  • Being overtired
  • Being told no
  • Getting certain looks from mom and grandma
  • Tripping and falling
  • Carrying something heavy for too long when she tries to get things for us and if we don't take them immediately from her, then she gets mad
  • Diaper rash
  • Being in the carseat for too long
  • Having bad dreams (its soo sad to see her wake up screaming)
  • Teething

Thanks for following along! Cheers to motherhood 😊

Xo, Kitty

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  1. She looks adorable, congratulations on your second baby I missed that my boy is 9 months so let's say I am still sleep deprived and managing. They grow so fast.

  2. What a gorgeous little one! 15 Months is such a fun time! They are exploring more and are so independent (or at least try to be!).

  3. Aww! The update list is so cute! The list of things she doesn't like is going to keep getting longer now that she is becoming more aware and active, but don't worry, that's totally normal :)

  4. Oh my goodness look at her! She is absolutely adorable I can't believe how quickly it is going by as well.

  5. You have a beautiful family :)
    And gorgeous little Kiara! Love her outfits!

  6. That is such a fun age! Enjoy every second. They grow up so quickly.

  7. She is adorable I love all her outfits and her personality. Congratulations you have a lovely family.

  8. Kiara looks really adorable, and she has a lovely smile. I love her outfits, especially the one with tutu!

  9. Such an adorable baby! She looks so cute in the clothes and it's nice that she already loves reading and being read to.

  10. 15 months is such a precious age! And she is so cute she looks like a living doll! I love all of the outfits you have her in.

  11. OMG...what a little cutie. Happy birthday to your little one! Love her dress

  12. Such a cute baby. She looks so adorable in all her outfits.

  13. Congratulation for such a beautiful family you have. That is happiness, having much love around us and give much more affection to our kids

  14. She is cutie pie sure going to be big sister. Congrats on your beautiful family.

  15. Kaira looks adorable. Good to know that you keep records for each and everything about her likes and dislikes. I love such blogs. :)

  16. Wow. Happy 15 months baby girl. She's so adorable!

  17. She looks so adorable. Congrats on the growing family that you have there. Must be so amazing.

  18. She is adorable and I love her big expressive eyes :D I bet she will grow up a gorgeous lady :D

  19. WOW! Lovely photos. Beautiful children and you are wonderful! Super blog;)

  20. Cute baby with gorgeous big eyes. Congratulation for such a beautiful lovely family you have.


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