What's In My Hospital Bag??

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Hey guys I am in my 39th week of pregnancy, so we are getting there. With literally anytime from now until my due on October 9th, I was all set and ready with what I am packing for my hospital. I wanted to get a head start and get this packed pretty early, so I started with my Hospital Bag 2 weeks ahead. So, lets jump right in to what's in my Hospital Bag. Just scroll down for the list of things for mom and baby. I will post all my makeup bag, electronics and what's in dad's hospital bag, in a different post.

The white top I am wearing in the picture is from the brand Express and the bottom is called punjammies from the brand Sudara. These punjammie pants are flowy and feels comfortable to wear for me during this pregnancy. They have different prints and can be worn as pajamas or also as lounge pants.

Sudara is a benefit corporation that provides hope and opportunity to women in India who escaped slavery. Every product purchased is a step toward ending the tragedy of modern day slavery. Every purchase invests in job creation and skills training women in India who are working to remain free from sex slavery.

You can shop all the Sudara goods by clicking the links provided below (just scroll down).

You can shop Sudara Collection or check their website by clicking the link below

To shop the Punjammies that I am wearing (it's on sale now) click the link below

To shop other Punjammies Pants, click the link below

Clothing for MOM:

  • Couple of towels
  • Nursing gowns
  • 3-4 nursing bras
  • 2-3 nursing tanks (optional)
  • Pair of draw string cotton pajama pants and a tee
  • Or a dress if you undergo C-section
  • Pair of socks
  • Fuzzy slippers
  • Welcome home outfit

 Products for Baby:

  • Earth's Best Organic Sensitive Infant Formula (I am planning to breastfeed my baby, but just in case if they plan to give my baby formula milk if she gets Jaundice, then I wanted to choose the one I am comfortable giving my baby.)
  • Phillips Avent Glass feeding bottle
  • Honest New Born Diapers
  • Honest wipes
  • Water wipes
  • Boogie wipes
  • Aveeno baby lotion
  • Dove baby wash

Products For Mom:

  • Glass water bottle
  • Not your mothers dry shampoo
  • Citrus Pectin Shampoo and conditioner
  • Kiehls face wash
  • Nuxe moisturiser
  • Perlier almond body butter
  • Everyone hand sanitizer spray
  • Tucks medicated pads
  • Lansinph soothes gel pads
  • Preparation H
  • Earths mama nipple butter
  • Earths mama bottom spray
  • Mitchum deodarant
  • Pink fresh and clean body mist
  • Earths mama herbal bath
  • Bar soap
  • Crest tooth paste
  • Tooth brush
  • Hair brush
  • Hair clip or ties
  • Makeup remover
  • Belly bandit
  • Hair straightener
  • Hair dryer
  • Some cookies or energy bars

Clothing for Baby:

  • Couple of onesies full sleeve and short sleeves
  • Couple of beanies or caps
  • Aden & Anais swaddles
  • Cloth diapers
  • Flanel blankets
  • 2-3 pair of socks
  • 3-4 pair of mittens
  • Sweater (since its fall)
  • Coming home outfit
  • Head bands and some outfits for photoshoot in the hospital

You can shop Sudara Collection or check their website by clicking the link below

To shop the Punjammies that I am wearing (it's on sale now) click the link below

To shop other Punjammies Pants, click the link below

Xo. Kitty

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  1. Good idea being packed and ready to go! I would toss in a lip balm of sorts since hospital rooms always seem so dry!

  2. You are so organized. I was as well when I was expecting and it made everything run so much smoother. I am so excited for you and I can't wait to see photos of your little one. Your baby will have a lot of blogging aunts, lol.

  3. I'm definitely saving this for next month! My due date is in December but I need to start getting a bag together just in case our Lil Bean comes early.

  4. Hola, muy bien estar organizada ya para la espera de tú bebé, te deseo lo mejor Te cuento que tengo una prima que también acaba de tener bebé, se llama Samuel David, es un guapo. Saludos

  5. What a great bag! I wish I were this organized when I had my kids. I think I randomly stuffed things in a bag and hoped for the best.

  6. That's such a great bag! You are so organized. I packed enough for my baby and just a few essentials for myself when I had my kid.

  7. Congratulations and best wishes to you mama! You are clearly prepared for everything. haha. You are a little over packed, but I suppose that's better than the alternative.
    I will add that two things you do want are mints/hard candies for when you are in labor and chapstick.
    I'm excited for you!

  8. wipes are very important! wishing you a healthy and safe delivery! good luck!

  9. I was one of those mom's who packed a lanolin creme and some almond oil for the hospital. You really don't need all these chemical infused wipes in my opinion. Have a safe delivery.

  10. You are so prepared! My hospital provided me with most things I needed, so I didn't need to pack that much.

  11. Oh wow, you are the most prepared mom I have seen!! Ever since I've been reading your blog, even I've been excited about your baby! Few days to go! :)

  12. You sound like you're ready to go! Lots of great items you chose for your bag.

  13. Super organized! With my first baby I was all about making sure I had the hospital bag ready a few weeks in advance. With my second I barely made it to the hospital. haha :)

  14. Oh Good luck! Wisheing you a successful and safe delivery!

  15. You're well prepared! Punjammies looks SO comfy!

  16. My hospital bag definitely wasn't that planned or organized. It looks like you have everything you need and more!

  17. Omg you have all of you essentials ready to go for any day now! If you need to put essential oils in it too my friend said certain essential oils helped tremendously during her labor just a suggestion!

  18. You are super prepared! It looks like you've thought of everything. Now it's just a waiting game. So darn exciting!!!

  19. Oh wow! Good job on being so prepared hun! Congratulations!

    Edwige | http://www.hypnozglam.com

  20. It's good to always pack your bag in advance . I did the same during my pregnancy and guess what , my hospital was so good that I never opened that bag in the hospital and instead came out with 5 more bags lol .

  21. I think you are beyond prepared for the baby and for you. Congrats and wishing you a healthy and safe pregnancy

  22. Congrats on expecting. Great that you have everything planned for the hospital.


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