37 Weeks Pregnancy Update & Babymoon In Las Vegas (Part 5 of Babymoon Vacation)

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As per my part 4 of babymoon vacation we left LA and headed on a road trip to Grand Canyon, but I am skipping this part as I gotta get the pictures edited and I need some time for that.. Later after our Grand Canyon trip we left to Las Vegas that evening (Our last night in Vegas as we leaving back to Ohio the next day). We stayed that night in Bellagio and went out for our date nite dinner and then spent sometime wandering around at Fremont Street. Later that night I had a bubble tea craving so we went to The Perfect Scoop, ice cream shop. They have a great selection of bubble tea flavors and they serve it in a bulb shaped cup. I tired the lavender bubble tea and I loved it.

The next morning we checked out and went to have some famous waffles with ice cream & some gelato at Amorino Gelato. Then later went for a indoor Gondola Ride in The Venetian, LV. We had a lovely time there shopping and also had our lunch date. Later that afternoon we wanted to visit Hoover Dam in Boulder City Nevada. Trust me it was burning the moment I stepped out for our Hoover Dam tour... So we quickly wrapped up with the tour and headed back to Las Vegas as we had our return flight that evening. Before checking into the airport I wanted to get the cakey cones with nutella in the bottom at the Recess Italian Ice and Desserts.

The first outfit is from the brand Zara and the second outfit is from the brand Charlotte Russe.

Now for the 37 Weeks Pregnancy Update :

Baby is the size of a : Leek

Symptoms : Exhausted and feel like sleeping at anytime, Some cramping, Nonstop bathroom trips at nights, some contractions and back pains.

Weight Gain : I have weight gain but the baby has gained 3 lbs from past couple of weeks. I feel like my belly has a massive ball inside me.

Maternity Clothes : No more maternity clothes shopping from now as I am counting days for my baby's arrival.

Stretch Marks : Nope, hoping it holds out just a bit longer.

Sleep : Anytime and its better than before.

Movement : All the time! Especially at night.

Food Cravings : Cupcakes and some spicy food (But I shouldn't be having it much)

Anything making you queasy or sick : Nope

Have you started showing up : Woooo yessss.

Sex of the baby : Girl

Labor signs : I had some early labor back pains.. But it didn't last for long.

Belly button in or out : Depending on the baby's position, it's more outie than nine but only on the top half.

Happy or moody most of the time : Extreme happiness, just counting time and days.

Looking forward to : My last appointment next week.

Snapchat Story Of Our Babymoon Vacation In Las Vegas - Part 5

Snapchat Story Of Our Babymoon Vacation In Las Vegas - Part 5


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