Babymoon In San Diego Sea World - Part 3 Babymoon Vacation

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Well, on the day 2 of Our Babymoon in San Diego, we planned to visit the San Diego Sea World. I was starting my week 22 of my pregnancy! The baby started moving all the time and I was trying to figure out the baby's schedule. At first the baby was a morning person, as it was super active from 8am to 1pm, then later it kept changing. So, I woke up early to get ready before everyone wakes up and tried to have my breakfast by 8am. It was a pretty sunny day in the morning but gradually it was cloudy by evening. We couldn't stay at the Sea World for more than 5 hours as I started feeling heavy in my tummy as if the baby has suddenly put some pounds on. So, I had to relax for a while and even took a nap once we were back to my friends place. We got to see the Sea Lions Live and The Dolphin Days at the Sea World. Later in the evening we took a stroll around the La Jolla Beach and had some Indian dinner.

Baby Update For 22 weeks:

Size of the baby : Spaghetti Squash
What was I feeling : Lots of movements and Heartburn
Maternity Clothes : I bought a couple of dresses from Motherhood Maternity for the trip. The                       best part is I can wear them post baby.
Stretch Marks : Nope, but my mom said if I keep scratching my tummy, I might get them 😯.
Sleep : Babymoon was relaxing and had some best sound sleeps.
Baby Movements : Super active and could feel small kicks.
Food Cravings : Not much in particular. All I wanted was food for every couple of hours as I couldn't eat much at once.
Morning Sickness : Yes I have had morning sickness through out my 1st trimester, so I am on my medication now. I can't stop the medication as I would start feeling sick again.
Have I Started Showing : Nope, I didn't show up much and I didn't put on much weight either.
Mood Swings : Not much, I am happy and feel active most of the time. There are some days when I don't feel much of it, so I try to relax and get out for walks.
After Babymoon : We had our Gender reveal ultrasound after a week once we reach home, which I was way too excited about. (You can see my instagram for my gender reveal pictures. I will be posting on the blog pretty soon.)

Outfit Details:

For the outfit I wore this pretty floral maxi slit dress from Charlotte Russe and the long necklace is from Stitch Fix. And for the footwear I wore this tassel sandals from DSW.

For the second outfit I wore this super comfy dress from H&M and paired it with the t-strap sandals from Charlotte Russe. The leather jacket I am wearing is from Kenneth Cole Reaction.

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Snapchat Story Of Our Babymoon in San Diego Part 3

First Outfit

Maxi Dress - Charlotte Russe
Necklace - Stitch Fix
Tassel Sandals - DSW

Second Outfit

Dress - H&M
T-Strap Sandals - Charlotte Russe
Leather Jacket - Kenneth Cole Reaction

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Snapchat Story Of Our Babymoon in San Diego Part 3

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  1. you're looking great! I'm glad Seaworld has ended whale breeding too

  2. This baby is having so much fun already! You look amazing! All the best!

  3. You look AMAZING and you can just tell you are glowing! I love how detailed you are with your updates. You are going to love looking back on this whenever the baby comes. :)

    xo, Kimberly

  4. I love how stylish you are throughout your pregnancy. When I was having my babies 20+ years ago maternity clothes were rather drab to say the least. It looks like you had fun at SeaWorld and maybe you can make it back there to enjoy more after baby comes.

  5. Great pictures (love Seaworld!) and can I just say, I LOVE the idea of doing a babymoon! So fun!

  6. Colorful photos, super. Love the seaworld, great place to visit

  7. That dress is so pretty! Love the bright colors. And who doesn't love San Diego?!
    xo Jessica

  8. Commenting here from FB's Blog Support Group: So glad to see you celebrating your pregnancy! Congratulations!

  9. I seriously admire you for taking the pains to put together such a beautiful wardrobe even when you weren't in the best of spirits ! Loved the outfits and especially the beautiful colours.

  10. We just went to Seaworld a few weeks ago!! We love it there!!

  11. You look AMAZING and that dress is stunning. Perfect style for this warm summer! Glad you had a great time!

  12. Perfect fit dress for summer! Love it! <3

  13. I love San Diego!!! I lived there for 5 years. Hope you had fun on your baby moon


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