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MAC Retro Matte Dangerous A34 Lipstick Review

Well Mac claims this retro matte dangerous A34 as a orangish red color, but this lipstick looks pinkish red on my lips. It of course has a retro matte finish, but not quite dangerous as named, because MAC has many brighter colors in their collection.

The pigmentation of this lipstick is pretty good and makes your lip pop up bright. It pretty much suites all the skin tones. The texture is evident and is not like a crayon based matte lipstick. By the time I had my breakfast and lunch the lipstick gave a bright stain on my lips, which carried out until my dinner and then I had to wipe out with my oil based makeup remover. Must say,  it is pretty good as you don't have to bother reapplying the lipstick, but perhaps it looks like you have applied a lip stain at the end of the day.

The lipstick tends to dry your lips over time. But a touch of balm on exfoliated and hydrated lips before applying the lipstick poses no issue.

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  1. Not a fan of the color in the tube but the color is so pretty on your lips!

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