New York Winter

7:00:00 PM

Snow just happened and I happened to be dressed for it. I wore this to grab a quick bite in the morning and it was snowing outside. It was fun shooting admit all the tiny speckles of snow. But I made it for such great photos and the temperature was mild and pleasant.

I bought this jacket to fill a void in my closet for a thick winter coat. I recommend this jacket if you are looking for something to carry you through winter days, it's really comfortable, fits excellently and it's warm. 

I paired this jacket with a red t-shirt , dark jeans and lace up boots. This outfit is very simple and perfect for winter day or a snow day.

Jacket : UNIQLO
T-Shirt - Hollister
Jeans : Forever21
Boots : Charollete Russe

(PS Wear To Love Yourself)

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