Flannel Or Plaid Shirt

12:26:00 PM

The easiest spring outfit ever? Flannel shirt, jeans, and flats. One of my favorite spring fashion staples is a flannel shirt. I could wear it all year round, but honestly, they look the best in fall, winter and spring. Flannel shirts are so versatile and can be worn in different ways. Not to forget that they are comfortable, cozy and inexpensive. Front tuck the shirt so it gives a little bit of shape.

Flannel Shirt : UNIQLO
Jeans : Forever 21
Flats : Shoe Dazzle 
Necklace : Charming Charlie

(PS Wear To Love Yourself)

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  1. Your hair is so beautifull... great fashion sense as well. I love boyfriend jeans and ripped jeans. They always seem to look good with anything and they are so confortable. :-)



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