What I Wore For New Years Eve

5:37:00 AM

How gorgeous is this gold dress?! I'm totally and completely obsessed!, It's perfect for any holiday occasion. My hubby and I like to go on a holiday date night and then on the drive home, we check out all the pretty Christmas lights. Since this is our first Christmas living in this town, it was fun discovering all the best decorated neighborhoods. Others light up the streets with lights, I'm lighting up the streets with my Metallic Gold Dress.

There is a time and place for sequins, and New Years's Eve is the night! Sequins, confetti, and a touch of sparkle are all staples for the perfect NYE, So I hope this shoot will bring a little inspiration to your NYE or any other holiday occasion.

P.S. My dress is from Charolette Russe.
My gold leather bag is from Micheal Kors.
Gold Flats from Aldo.
Gold watch from Micheal Kors.
Accessories From Forever21.

(PS Wear To Love Yourself)

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